Two complementary spaces : learn and produce to eat better and shop fairly

The FoodLab, a lab for everyone !

A source of development for your activities.

The FoodLab

  • fits the health standards, designed to increase efficiency
  • offers a range of services: packaging, space rental, training, development support (prototypes, project development, marketing). In any case, we support you in your business development.
  • is a place where you can manufacture your products: dry, smoked, fresh products, soups, prepared meals, jars  preserved, local confectionery etc.

The CookLab, our culinary space

A place for learning & exchanging.

It’s a bit like « at home ». It’s based on sharing ordinary and exceptional traditional food.  We based our practices on traditional know-how, authentic knowledge, we prefer sharing with you with simplicity rather than taking on complexity and prestige. You will leave with knowledge of local products and know-how. Close to family models (grandma and grandpa cuisine !), you will be able to reproduce recipes and to adapt them freely.

It’s also about exchange, you will meet Jade who will lead you through interesting culinary experience, related to a story, an era, a product, cooking techniques etc. all based on a logic of local production. Exchange also with the other visitors around the very good meal you will have prepared !

A « back at home » experience is also available : a digital space will offer video & visuals to download.

The workshop can focus on other food experience according to your requests (delicatessen, bakery, chocolate, pastry, diet food, organic, vegan, milk products etc)

A place for everyone !

We welcome

Professionals : producers, cattle breeders, fishermen; restaurants, caterers

Individuals : visitors, groups,  children

Business – school, health and social action.

You can discover

a professional world – The FoodLab

or an “educational & recreational” place – The CookLab.

At the end, everything is about encounters, exchanges, creation of informal networks at Food & CookLab !