Our Team

From different cultures, we come from farmer’s families who have a taste for good things

Jade, very welcoming and sharing, Polynesian traditions and innovationFood & CookLab - Jade

Jade You Sing, 30, from Papetoai, Moorea. She grew up between fishing and fa’apu (the cultivated field), has always been interested in eating well. Mother of two children, very invested in cultural and sports organisations, Jade likes to act and propose solutions. She is very invested in the preservation and animation of the Opunohu Valley, as president of the organisation in charge of the future cultural structure In Moorea.

After pursuing a scientific diploma in Tahiti, Jade returns to Moorea to her family. Very resourceful, she worked on her own as a caterer, house keeper, activities leader, nothing can stop Jade, she is a go-getter!

At Food & CookLab Tahiti, Jade’s mission is to introduce you to the secrets of her “home-grown local cuisine”. She brings together the best Moorea products from producers she knows well ! She puts them in scene: explains their importance and their use in the local Polynesian gastronomy. Jade accompanies you step-by-step in learning authentic Polynesian practices and know-how! Fruits, roots and local leaves of banana will have no more secret for you ! You will discover all the richness of Polynesian cuisine at her side and much more, if you like to laugh and immerse in the Polynesian culture.

Audrey, support and train, agriculture and good products

Food & CookLab - AudreyAudrey Lachaud is 38 years old, she was born in the Limousin, France from parents both with agricultural origin. She grew up around the family garden and the simple and tasty cuisine. Immersed young in an english culture in the United Kingdom, she continued as a student in New Zealand, which, luckily, led her to Tahiti, Moorea.

Teaching arts and creativity in agricultural high schools, she decided to suspend her career to devote herself to social entrepreneurship. With her friend Maheata Hutia, she gathered producers around La ruche qui dit oui ! aka The Food Asssembly, a network of local farms who sell their products directly to members every week…a lively and warm place where we share recipes, gardening techniques and the love of good products.

Then she started Food & CookLab Tahiti, a social business based on how to make sense with what we do !

Her wish : to give everyone the opportunity to eat better, produce better and shop fairly. For her, cooking is the gateway to cultural discovery through rich culinary experiences,  exchange and sharing.

At Food & CookLab Tahiti, she is in charge of the FoodLab and assists producers, professionals and individuals in their search for the perfect recipe and the best farm jars!

Some ingredients spice up our team

Passion, sharing, exchanges, kindness and perseverance.

Come and live an authentic polynesian experience !