Our Team

We put our heart into what we do.

Audrey: support and train. Agriculture and good products

Audrey Lachaud is 38 years old, she was born in Limousin France from parents both with agricultural origin. She grew up around the family garden with simple and tasty cuisine. Immersed young in an english culture in the United Kingdom, she continued as a student in New Zealand, which, led her to Tahiti Moorea.

Teaching arts and creativity in agricultural high schools, she decided to change her career and devote herself to social entrepreneurship. With her friend Maheata Hutia, she gathered producers around La ruche qui dit oui ! aka The Food Asssembly. The Food Assembly is a network of local farms who sell their products directly to members every week. This is a lively and warm place where we share recipes, gardening techniques and the love of good products.

Then she started Food & CookLab Tahiti, a social business based on sustainable practices which benefit the community and the environment!

Her goal: to give everyone the opportunity to eat better, produce better and shop sustainably. For her, cooking is the gateway to cultural discovery. Culinary experiences create rich exchanges and sharing.

At Food & CookLab Tahiti, she is in charge of the FoodLab and assists producers, professionals and individuals in their search for the perfect recipe and the best farm jars!

Stevenson Vahimarae: farmer, gardener & animator

Stevenson Vahimarae, 40, from Bora Bora. Longtime guide, farm worker, lifeguard, Stevenson has been living in Moorea for two years. Now farmer, after living in France and traveling around the world, Stevenson has never stopped developing outdoor areas. At Food&Cook Lab he finds little wedge of taro, tapioca, bananas, sweet potatoes, herbs, eggplants, and on other lands lemon, orange, mango, pineapple and more. Organic, beautiful and good, its agriculture is one of his ways to connect to nature and the land.

From seed to plate, Stevenson loves it all. Having grown up in the Tuamotu Islands, coconut and fish are his favorite products.

At Food & CookLab, Stevenson takes care of the landscaping. He cultivates elsewhere as well to provide a variety of good products. And he facilitates culinary experiences with Audrey, speaking English, French or Reo Māʼohi and laughing very loudly. He enjoys exchanging and sharing about Polynesian culture and what he likes to eat.

Our partner, Grand Chef Marc Lintanf

Marc Lintanf is 38 years old, after years spent in Canada as head caterer and  multiple experiences in major hotels around the world, Marc and his family have settled in Moorea. For two years, Marc managed the catering & restaurants in the Sofitel hotel Moorea as executive chef. Trained as a delicatessen, Marc has more than one knife in his briefcase. His creative capacity is matched only by his skill, he has just launched his ML brand L’experience Culinaire. He released a collection of delicatessen products, a range of made-to-order catering products. He also conducts training courses and offers consulting services. 

At Food & CookLab, Marc uses the premises to create his products, and conduct training for professionals and individuals. His culinary workshops are always moments of sharing: between professional advice and world champion recipes, the atmosphere is relaxed.

Dany Lachaud: Research & Development manager

Danièle Lachaud is Audrey Lachaud’s mother. She is retired from her profession as an agricultural engineer teacher. She never stops exploring the richness of local products – taro, uru, cassava – and transforms them in any way she can. Fine cook, pastry chef and great creative, she reminds us of the essentials and common sense inherited from a farming family in Lot.

Some ingredients that spice up our team

Passion, sharing, exchanges, kindness and perseverance.

Come and experience authentic Polynesian culture!