Social Impact

We are a social business, the first of its kind in French Polynesia

Food activity

The project focuses on people, cooking and non-industrial processing of local products. We value local products in order to fight health issues we face. We also think that the money created must be equally distributed and benefit to many people as possible. Tourism is the first resource in Polynesia ! Sustainable tourism is a leverage for local development. You, as visitors seeking authenticity, Polynesian culture and food experience, you participate in sustainable local development at Food & CookLab.

Local development

The island of Moorea like other polynesian islands are shaped by agriculture, its actors, inhabitants and visitors. Food & CookLab brings together actors as different as producers (fishermen, farmers), individuals and visitors around a simple idea “food and local culture”. Food is a meeting point, it brings together, facilitates encounters and exchanges. It is a cultural asset guarded and in the meantime, it is a pride that each community cultivates.

Food & CookLab brings people together and offers exchange highlighting social concerns (access to employment, income improvement, training), environmental issues (reducing the impact of transport, storage activities), public health (prevention of food-related diseases), societal (sustainable / inclusive tourism).

We create ecological and fair local products. Food is the anchor and meeting point.


Our company statutes


“The company is created and designed to address a social problem and act to

  • support people with difficulties either because of their economic or social situation or because of their personal situation
  • fight against social, economic and cultural exclusions and inequalities, preserve and develop a social bond and strengthening territorial cohesion
  • make sustainable development in its environmental and participative social economic dimensions 

Measuring the social impact

Vocational integration

  • Help in the creation of food activities (project incubator, technical support for the process, support for business creation and follow-up)
  • Train, accompany to employment


  • Support people having health issues (food education, healthy and inexpensive cooking)
  • Restore confidence &  empowerment

Food Awareness

  • Educate young people (school or other) about food
  • Train to food practices, help with diversity, non-industrial processing of local products, food history and agriculture