What to do in Moorea? Cooking class!

A cooking class with local products and Polynesian traditions

A cultural and taste journey

Uru peeling - breadfruitA session in the CookLab is a true cultural journey. During your cooking class, you will discover a part of French Polynesia. The CookLab offers a tour of local products, their history and their uses. Best of all, we’ll be picking all the products we need from the garden outside the CookLab when possible. Stevenson and Audrey offer traditional knowledge of  Polynesian culture and you discover the use of the plants and the vegetable parts (banana leaves) in preparation and cooking.

In the kitchen, equipped with simple tools, you will combine the products and make the best sauces and accompaniments. You will learn traditional cooking methods. Finally, because you deserve it …. you will sit down to taste your creations and enjoy good company!

Throughout your journey,  you’ll have access to everything you need (tea, coffee, water, toilets, terrace, gardens etc.), you will also have all the tips and recipes to replicate the best of your culinary experience and share it back home! We also give provide replacement tips for products not available in your country.

Everything is planned to live an unforgettable experience and keep our traditions alive to share it!

On your cooking class menu 

Get ready to embark on a world of Polynesian flavors. Here is a sample menu

🥥 Ipo starter – coconut bread steamed to accompany your meal.

🐟 Main dish- Grilled marinated fish & Raw fish in coconut milk. From coconut to coconut milk: make your milk. A choice of extremely fresh fish, vegetables and lemons.

Discover the cooking of Uru -breadfruit- an emblematic product of Polynesia.

🍌 Dessert- Po’e A fruit (banana, guava, papaya, mango etc) or a pumpkin, coconut milk and a banana leaf to make the famous dessert dish

The framework: conviviality and food safety

All culinary experiences and workshops take place in a space designed to receive everyone. The space respects safety, accessibility & food safety norms. It has a friendly home kitchen vibe. Warm and simple, we combine electric appliances and more traditional equipment.

We refer to a note in France issued by the agricultural services,  DGAL / SDSSA / N2012-8054 of March 08, 2012, p11 which states “the meals are consumed exclusively by the people who prepare them : it is about preparation, handling and domestic storage of food for private domestic consumption” .