Cooking Workshops

Know-how for a simple and tasty cooking


Food change !

Prepare dinner or cook ? What time do you have for cooking? How and what do you buy ? Been asking yourself these questions ? Now, you have decided to handle this and to reinvent your meals! The CookLab and its culinary workshops allow you to initiate change and share it around you!

With various processing techniques and culinary fusions, we will introduce you to your creativity! You will no longer look at your refrigerator the same way!

Reinventing your daily cooking

Your inventiveness has no limit, the culinary workshop will propose particular themes which answer to your daily problems. An example: you want to follow the recommendations for fruit and vegetable consumption and you can not do it every day, did you think about making your own jars ? Mango season has passed and your jars are ready to be eaten or the uru (breadfruit) are falling, put them in a soup and you will have them all year long! And all this treasures with your own fruits and your little hands! What is better than that ?

Cooking workshops

You always wanted to know how to make bread, delicatessen or cheese? And if a professional offer you his know-how the time of a workshop? What would you say? These beautiful crafts have so much to teach us ! Does the ahima’a (Tahitian oven) attract you? The CookLab offers you all year round workshops on Saturdays according to the seasons and the calendar! You will revisit the traditions of Christmas and Easter! Reinvent your world of delights!

Health education

Our workshops are also available around health food. We propose adapted solutions to concretely act on our lifestyles and to improve each day our health! We accompany groups with creative and fun tools so that food and cooking become part of your health naturally just with pleasure !

We will eat well to live well!