Eat better,  shop sustainably!

Cooking workspace, tasting space, training room

For you, the CookLab creates functional and pleasant spaces. In a large open space, we opted for a workspace close to the training room. In our philosophy, the kitchen is a real place of life, creation and sharing! Everything is designed so that you can learn in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. You can come at any time in the reception area even during workshops. If you want to meet us, come in the morning from 8 am until 10 am and after 14 pm until 17 pm. We will be delighted to receive you and exchange with you!

The tasting space

Producers of Moorea offer you access to all the gastronomic diversity of the island. Taste, discover and shop local! Chat with the FoodLab producers who will be happy to share their love of agriculture, fishing and good products! CookLab’s tasting will be proposed by the producers, stay updated with our newsletter or on Facebook.

Food & CookLab - Produits finis

The training area

The CookLab is at the crossroads of several worlds. This intersection of culinary arts and good cooking  comes from family, books or carried pragmatically. We propose all these approaches. Our idea : everyone can reengage in eating better starting from traditional knowledge and traditions.  From there, you’ll be able to include it in your daily agenda to ensure pleasure and health at all meals! We are here to help you enhance your daily meals and to set up tips and tricks for every day! The training area brings together a friendly space for exchange, eating and learning tools!

Food & CookLab - Produits locaux

The cooking workspace

A space designed to welcome you, a group and enjoy together effective and simple tools ! Our workshops are based on experience, know-how and more important on the ability to reproduce your recipes at home !

Our philosophy is simple: Do it yourself! Simple and local cuisine at home!

We offer the best familial and traditional recipes for seasonal local cuisine. Some examples include: prepared whole fish, coconut milk and virgin coconut oil or discover the best raw fish from Tahiti and its islands! There are also possibilities for canning your own products such as, fruits in jars, soup and pâté. Come make your products for the year to bring home! It is the anti-waste and seasonal solution to eat well all year long!

The CookLab

Participate in meetings, conferences and meet facilitators and passionate speakers! The CookLab is a place of learning and meeting, open to everyone! If you want to propose activities or you are looking for a place, here we are ! Contact us!