Collaborative Place

Co-working and coaching for professionals and individuals.


Non-industrial process to earn more 

It is a collaborative processing tool for you, producers. You have no maintenance charges, no entrance fees, only your envy and your creativity count. We bring you support from A to Z to help you develop your products and market them ! We support you to win more ! Together we go further!

Our support for professionals

Professional, you plan to make something out of your production, we are here to support your approach. From the first diagnosis, which consists of drawing up a first inventory of the existing premises, desires, human resources, etc., to the marketing of the products: we are there listening and attentive to your needs.

At each stage, we draw up a report and note the possibilities for improvement.

Our support for non-professionals

During thematic workshops or during your transformations, we are at your side: advice, technical support and solutions. We can also make some products with you, we are at your side ! You’ll get the best for the best products ! You will impress your friends and families with your own products ! Wouaouh !!!!