Our Facilities

Equipped with food processing technologies, you move into a secure space for your business

The FoodLab

The FoodLab complies with the regulations and has a sanitary authorization that allows you to safely prepare and process your products. We guarantee that the laboratory follows rigorous specifications that ensures you and your customers peace and security.

The FoodLab is about 75 m2, it is composed of 8 spaces which allow for 2 or 3 people without difficulties.

All equipment is at your disposal depending on availability. The entire FoodLab is equipped with a automatic handwash, soap, paper and water cleaning units.

The reception area allows you to organise your products from the external platform and prepare them for cold storage (cold room) or room temperature (reserve). Trolleys and tables are available to make things easier.

The locker room allows you to get ready fir the kitchen in accordance with food health and safety regulations. It has a toilet, personal lockers and a sink.

The storage room is at your disposal to store dry products. You will also have a shelf dedicated to your own products.

The cold preparation section is designed to allow you to cut (a cutting table and a worktable) and prepare fish and anything requiring a low temperature and controlled hygrometry. It is equipped with units that maintain an ad hoc temperature, you also have access to a cold room.

The equipment available allows you to perform any type cooking activity.

  • variety of knives
  • tappet
  • vacuum machine
  • slicer
  • honey extractor and maturer

The vegetable section allows you to receive, wash and cut your vegetables. In this space, you have two work tables, a sink with drainer and equipment.

  • cutting robot
  • peeler
  • dehydration/ desiccation units

The dishwashing area allows you to wash the tools and materials. You have:

  • special sink dips
  • a professional dishwasher
  • storage shelves

The cooking section offers the capacity to carry out any type of cooking and processing – smoking and drying. It is equipped with:

  • steam oven
  • 2 gas burners
  • cooking pot
  • smoking unit

The packaging area gives access to autoclave sterilization, pasteurization and drying processes. This is equipped with:

  • autoclave
  • capper
  • stove
  • drying unit

The processes of sterilization and pasteurization are conducted by the FoodLab under the responsibility of a representative of the structure, these processes require a particular technicality for which we are trained.

Everything is done so that you are serene and assured of the quality of the products that you will make. We are at your side to guarantee your peace of mind by putting at your disposal : ourselves, our understanding capacities, the best processes and the best materials.