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What is a farm product?

Farm products are developed by producers with their own products (fruits and vegetables, meat, fish). In our Lab, the products in ready made meals, soups, pâtés etc. come from the producers farms or local farms. Only &à% of our products come from outside (oil, butter, onions, garlic etc.). We wish to bring our beautiful and tasteful local products to you!

Our facilities Category Facilities Farm products**


Rentals vegetable areas vegetables preparation, cleaning, cutting, dehydration raw products

dehydrated products

meat / fish cutting room


fresh cut,

hashing, sausage pusher, salting, honey extraction

sausage, roasts meat, fillets, honey potted and derived products
cooking space stoves, cooking pot, steam oven, smoking room, dryer, cooling cell soups, ready meals, smoked fish, dried product (sausage, sausage), pâtés, fries, roast
Custom packaging with autoclave sterilization in jars ready meals, soups

fruits, fillets or confit meat & pâtés / terrines

pork cabbage, pork with taro leaves etc., fish soup, fruits

compotes, fruits in syrup,

vegetable preparation, meat and fish

sous-vide / doy pack liquid preparations


vegetables – root vegetables

coconut milk

poe, gnocchi

vegetable / fish soup

pre-cooked taro package

without autoclave

* all products are labelled if they respect norms

vacuum / doy pack fresh products, dry

smoked, dehydrated

sausage, cut meat or fish

dry sausages

smoked fish,


Support & training creation & business plan project definition,


communication & marketing

financing project, business partners

technical training

technical support HAACCP


recipe formulation

recipe fact sheets

The possibilities 

We work with the local producing company where fares are being developed that take into account several criteria. These fares are designed in such a way that they benefit the starting of small structures.

Renting the space

The FoodLab organization is defined according to a calendar which allows the producers to use the space according to their needs. Each producer subscribes to the general conditions of use of the FoodLab. There is also an agreement in terms of commitment, product volume and pricing. The goal is to allow everyone to grow according to their needs and desires in a respectful collaborative way. The organization helps to highlight everyone’s abilities.

Priority is given to producers, then to food professionals and finally to individuals.