Our Green Building

A new place to think about social innovation

Freedom to undertake … and to build

Food & CookLab is an adventure from the start. And it starts like this : a smart place which goes along with food activities and the social and environnemental values ​​. For us, “smart” means that fits well ! Designed for efficient energy use, which reuses materials and which goes well with its environment. 

The environment, the new deal, the master card, the queen of the game. We seek harmony, synergy ! In the valley, we are in the heart of ecological designs, the ancient Polynesians used resources in an intelligent way, designed beautiful and functional homes … not possible to dodge this fact …!


Ours needs

Two separate workspaces with different functions and obligations. Hyper functional space, close to users and as economical as possible. And at the same time, the constraints of safety, security require some contortions but it’s the game ! For all these reasons, build rather than renovate ! Start from scratch ! Observe, define, choose and realize or rather observe very well, define very fine, and check well before making it ! The walls won’t move easily when they’re done ….

No land, no building

The keystone : the search for a land. Geographical situation, location, surface, topography, close environment, constraints … and mode of acquisition, lease etc.

A long research time, but as the notion of time is relative, it is exactly the time it takes the project to strengthen !

For Food & CookLab, the moment is perfect, a partner, a commercial lease and common values. Alignment of the stars …

Meanwhile, the project is refined, plans, figures are coming. A first base to talk about, to see the financial partners and finally to project!


The architectural vision

Because of the challenge, we opted for the support of an architect. 

First of all, for technical reasons, the application forms for a building permit is a tedious job even more for an food project, and then for the control of costs and fo


Food & CookLab - Bâtiment écoresponsable

The important numbers

1 year of field research

126 000 xpf for writing and registrate a commercial lease

500 000 xpf architectural services application for a permit for a professional project

Important points

Reflect, define the needs of the place

Find the ideal place 

Check the financing capacities of the project

Surround yourself with the necessary skills